Coding Lessons HTML5

Coding Lessons

Try to make this with a site called JSfiddle.

Note: Blogger interprets my HTML5 and runs it, so my code will have stars to prevent it from running.

So I'm going to teach you the computer language HTML5. HTML5 is what I use to make a blog. When you are making a blog and, for example, you need to make a word bold. If your HTML editor has bold button, and you press it, and you see the little "b" tag(this is a tag: <>), that's HTML. So, to start with, we have the "p" tag. P is for paragraph. To make it red, you make this:<*tag name* style="color:red;">.This method works for basic colors (you know, red blue,green,etc.). To change the font you make this:<*tag name* style="font-family:arial;">. Now say you want to make a header for your page. Use the "h1" tag! "h2" is slightly smaller, and "h3" isn't that big. As the h number goes up, the text gets smaller. But you can't go below h6.That is it for today's lesson. Happy coding!

Coding Lesson 2

If you can make text red, different fonts, and different sizes, then read the next lesson. So, say you want to have one letter of your word red, like this. You can use the "span" tag. So, you type in the word until you get to the the part of the word you want to be red. Then make <***span styling***>***letter***</***span***>. Now, let's make some lists.

  • To make an unordered list, use the "ul" tag.
  1. But to make an ordered list, you use the "ol" tag.
  2. Once you're done with that, you use the the "li" tag to make items of the list.
Okay, that's it for lesson 2.

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