Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and Other "Scientific" Nonsense Busted

Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and Other "Scientific" Nonsense Busted

Warning: This might be too complicated for some people.

The Big Bang Theory
The reason this is wrong is because the First Law of Thermodynamics says that no energy or matter can be created or destroyed. The two random molecules could not have come from nothing. And all the energy that came from could not have come from nothing.

Evolutionists say that the world started off as chaos, and got better and better. But the Law of Entropy says that everything gets less and less orderly. Darwin says that every living thing came from a puddle of goop, and plants and animals cames from mud and evolved for 6000 years. But why aren't there new species every day? Clearly, evolution is impossible.

The World Is Running Out of Fossil Fuels
Wrong. Oil and other fossil fuels are made out of dead plants and animals, and scientists can make oil and coal just with dead plants and animals.

The World is 13.8 Billion Years Old
This time, Mr. Sun himself says that this is wrong. The sun gets hotter and hotter and time goes by. 10 billion years ago, the sun would be to cold to support life. And 10 billion years in the future, the sun would be way to hot.

Monday, April 28, 2014

London Transport Trivia

The overground is being updated!

London Transport Trivia

*I got this trivia from Wikipedia, TFL, Crossrail, and the sites that come up first when you Google "Tube Trivia".*

    Tube Trivia

  • Gladstone and Dr. Barnado were the only people to ever have their coffins transported by tube.

  • Aldwych station (now closed) is featured on level 12 in the Tomb Raider game with Lara Croft killing rats.

  • Regent's Park, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park Corner and Bank are some of the few stations which do not have an above ground surface building.

  • The tunnel between East Finchley and Morden (via Bank) is the Underground’s longest and the 2nd longest rail tunnel in the world, 27.8km (17.25 miles).

  • The walking time between two underground stops in central London is never more than 10 minutes, and is sometimes a lot less. In fact, the shortest distance between two adjacent stations on the underground network is only 260 metres. The tube journey between Leicester Square and Covent Garden on the the Piccadilly Line takes only about 20 seconds, but costs £4.30.

  • The phrase MIND THE GAP originated on the Northern line in 1968.

  • London's Tube is the oldest underground railway in the world. The Metropolitan Line - opened on 10 January 1863. The first stretch measured four miles and ran between Paddington and Farringdon.

  • They are making new extensions for lines, and they making two lines called Crossrail 1 and Crossrail 2.
    The Victoria line was going to be part of the Crossrail.

  • There are trams in London, from Wimbledon to New Addington, Beckenham Junction, and Elmer's End.

  • The Tube is the second longest city rail way in the world.

  • Five tube stations are named after pubs: Angel, Elephant & Castle, Manor House, Royal Oak and Swiss Cottage

  • Bus Trivia

  • Keep your eyes open for the silver 9 bus. It is Year of the Bus and Mayor of London Boris Johnson is bringing back the old Routemaster buses.

  • A 76 bus was driving over Tower Bridge when he realised that the bridge was opening. The driver couldn't stop, so he accelerated. He went fast enough to jump over the gap.

  • The 9 bus was described as the "cheapest and best tour", because it goes through lots of cool places.
  • Crossrail Trivia

  • Crossrail is Europe’s largest construction project – work started in May 2009 and there are currently over 10,000 people working across over 40 construction sites.

  • The Crossrail map looks something like this:

  • Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    In The Future

    The Future...Or What Most People Think It Will Look Like....

    What I'm Going to be like when I'm 20

    1. I will be the coolest person on earth.
    2. I will be
      • An entrepreneur
      • A scientist
      • A lawyer
    3. I probably will have made a time machine.
    4. I will have skied down Mt. Everest.
    5. I will live in London
    6. I will be the best in the world at dodgeball.
    7. I will also be the funniest person in the world.
    8. I will be able to play the Death Waltz by John Stump on the piano.
    9. I will be able to juggle a running chainsaw, a feather, a bowling ball, a lit torch, an anvil, and a water balloon.
    10. I will make portals to get around.
    11. I will make twenty world records.
    12. I will read every book in the world.
    13. I will know every joke in the world.
    14. I will be a superhero called Ego Man.
    15. I will fail at completing at least half of this list.

    Tube Trivia

    Tube Trivia

    The Tube is the subway of London. Here is some trivia about it.

    • There is only one Tube station name which does not have any letters of the word “mackerel” in it - St. John Wood

    • There are only 2 Tube stations which have all the vowels(not counting y)- South Ealing and Mansion House

    • There used to be a station called British Museum between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn. It closed down a while ago and hasn't been used since.

    • Angel station has the longest escalator in Europe. Once somebody skied down it 2006 and posted the video on Youtube.

    • Out of the 287 stations, only 29 are south of the river Thames.

    • The Central line covers the most distance. From West Ruislip to Epping with out changing is 34 miles.

    • The Waterloo and City line is the shortest, covering only 2 kilometers.

    • The Tube carrys passengers over 43 million miles each day. That is almost half way to the sun.

    • Green grapes cause more accidents on the London Underground than banana skins.

    • Whitechapel is the only place on the network where the Overground runs below the Underground.

    • Stockwell is the southernmost London underground station that serves more than one line.

    • Pimlico station is the only station on the Victoria line not to have an interchange with any other tube/rail line.

    • Victoria station is the busiest in London, with over 80 million passengers a year.

    • Kensal Green station looks like a barn.

    • The only station you have to go UP steps to get to the trains/platforms is Hillingdon.

    • Brompton Road (now disused) on the Piccadilly, Line was apparently used as a control room for anti-aircraft guns.

    • There is a mosquito named after the Tube – the London Underground mosquito, which was found in the London Underground. It was notable for its assault of Londoners sleeping in the Underground during the Blitz.

    Thursday, April 3, 2014

    Chain Reaction

    Chain Reaction

    Do you know a chain reaction is? It is a reaction like the one in the first video. I saw it in the NEMO center in Amsterdam. The chain reaction, in the end, launched the rocket. If it has a useful purpose, than it is called a Rube Goldberg Machine. It got that name from a cartoonist who drew complicated contraptions that performed simple tasks. In the UK they call a Heath Robinson machine, because another cartoonist named Heath Roninson drew wacky machines too. The second video shows my favorite Rube Goldberg machine: