Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Project

That was the Italy project that my sister and I made.

We made it for our geography fair in our homeschooling group.

Everybody got to choose a different country. Some examples were: China, India, Japan, Spain, Romania, Easter Island, Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and USA.

We made passports, visited each country, and got stamped.

Also, everyone made some food from their country. We served potato gnocchi in a sausage red sauce.


  1. Hi John, I really liked the Italy poster you and Christine worked on. I also thought the Passports with the stamps were interesting. You will have to tell me if those were real Japanese letters , stamped on your Japan visit.
    Did everyone like the gnocchi?

  2. Hi John, We loved your project! Some of our favorite food is from Italy. Pizza = Yum. Hope to see you guys soon!

    Katy and Dylan